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Wetlands are shore areas near freshwater lakes and rivers. Similar areas adjacent to salt water are called intertidal lands. "Wetlands" include that portion of a body of water that's covered by shallow water — yet receives enough light to permit common plants to grow (about 15 ft.).

"Foreshore" describes land that's innundated in times of flood and exposed in dry seasons. This includes spaces generally within one ¼ mile of open water, where creatures living in water may roam nearby for food. Characteristics of individual wetlands may vary, depending on the climate, geology and distribution of water, both above ground and below it.

Wetlands may be extensive, reaching miles from the main water source. They may be as narrow as a few feet. Land may be swamped with water or saturated and soggy. Some wetlands, called marshes or bayous, include dense, significant amounts of trees and shrub vegetation. Other parts, called fens or bogs, are surrounded by shrubs and tall grass — or even the short grass and deadfall of taiga and tundra ranges (called muskeg. Standing water may be pure and clean, originating from aquifers, or it may be brackish.

Wetlands very rarely include settlements, as hunting and fishing minimizes and disrupts the natural life. When occurring in rural environments, they should be treated as hinterlands.


Travel through marshy wetlands will be onerous and unpleasant. Deep water must be traversed by long boat, driven with a pole or a single paddle. Vegetation doesn't favour rowboats. Crossing a wetland on foot involves tramping or wading through mires, muds, low and deep water and high grass; travellers will suffer leeches, flies and small predators. The odour of rot is overwhelming in both tropical and sub-tropical climes. Humidity can be unbearable. In a dense swamp, there is no movement of air. Both vegetation and water provide cover for dangerous creatures, which may leap out at any time.

Contrariwise, areas of lake shore, with open beaches and fresh clear water, provide great opportunities for fishing and hunting, plus scenery for a refreshing experience.

Common Features

Below is a list of elements and features that are common to wetland ranges:

Wetland Creatures

The following monsters are common to wetland ranges:

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