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Mammals is a sage study in the field of Animal Life. The study provides an in-depth understanding of warm-blooded natural land animals characterised by mammary glands, live births, hair or fur, the possession of four limbs and a wide variety of other features. This knowledge includes the giant forms of mammalian animals, in addition to primates and certain humanoid forms such as the tabaxi. Knowledge of beasts is not included. Mammals that dwell in the sea are included in the study, Sea Life.

Characters begin with useful general knowledge and move forward into skills related to veterinary practice complemented by an unusual proficiency regarding domestication. As characters in the study advance, their natural bond with these animals produce sage abilities comparable with magical spells and much more.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Animal Trapping: uses snares and traps to catch animals for their furs and meat, or as a means of pest control.
  • Identify Mammal: allows knowledge of mammalian creatures and the dangers they present, allowing the character to identify their attacks and prowess.
  • Mammalian Behaviour I: enables some limited prediction of a mammal's attack, increasing the character's readines and defense against these creatures.
  • Oxgoading: includes the skills needed to manage oxen, donkeys and mules. For working dogs, see Dog Training. For horses, see Horseback Riding.

Authority Status

  • Gain Animal Friend: the character forms a close, sustainable partnership with a single animal, whose presence becomes similar to a henchfolk.
  • Mammalian Behaviour II: enables the location and tracking of mammals, with improved prediction of a mammal's behaviour during combat.
  • Nurse Mammal: give aid to mammals in healing, overcoming disease and giving birth, while strengthening their overall health.

Expert Status

  • Battle Mammal: provides the character with a +2 armour class against mammals, and also against beasts with part-mammalian characteristics.
  • Confound Mammal: enables the character to mislead or confuse an individual or herd of mammals, so as to "disappear" from their attention.
  • Unusual Mount: enables the character to domesticate a "savage" mammal as a riding animal.
  • Handle Mammal: allows the character to grasp and subdue a single mammal, provided it's alone and conforms to increasing weight limits.

Sage Status

  • Breed Giants: enables the breeding of giant mammals from ordinary-sized hosts.
  • Mammalian Speech: similar to the speak with animals spell, but limited to mammals and unlimited in use.
  • Tame Oliphant: permits the acquisition and domestication of wild oliphants and other elephantine beasts.

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