Illusionist 2nd Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
alter self self 20-80 +10 rounds/level self 1 round none gives the caster a humanoid image
blindness 30 ft. special 1 creature/3 levels 1 round negates causes creatures to be made blind
blur self 3 rounds +1 round/level self 1 round none improves armour class and concealment
deafness 60 ft. special 1 creature/2 levels 1 round negates causes creatures to be made deaf
fascinate 30 ft. 10 rounds +2 rounds/level 1 creature 1 round negates compels another to take several actions
fog cloud 60 ft. +10 ft./level 3-12 rounds +1 round/level 30 ft. dome, +5 ft./level 1 round reduces creates a dense foggy illusion
fool's gold 10 ft. 3 hours/level 1 lb. of metal/level 1 round none fools observers into seeing gold metal
hypnotic pattern 20 ft. special 40 ft. circle, 4 hit dice/level 1 round negates enraptures observers into passivity
invisibility touch special 1 creature 1 round none causes a creature to become invisible
Leomund's trap touch permanent* 1 object 1 round none* creates a false trap that will befuddle searchers
magic mouth 5 ft./level until discharged* 1 object 1 round none creates a message-giving mouth
mirror image self 2 rounds/level 5 ft. radius 1 round none duplicates the image of the caster
misdirection 30 ft. 10 rounds/level 120 ft. circle 1 round none* obscures knowledge from detect spells
phantasmal bow self 1 round/level 240 ft. 1 round none creates an illusionary bow for combat
phantasmal guard 10 ft. 1 hour/level 1 guard; special 1 round none creates the combat figure of a guard
ultravision touch 1 hour/level 1 creature/level 1 round none bestows superior vision at night
ventriloquism 10 ft./level 4 rounds +1 round/level 1 location 1 round none enables the voice to be thrown
whispering wind self 5 rounds +1 round/level* 1 mile/level 1 round none passes a message a great distance

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