Blur (spell)

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Blur (spell).jpg

Blur produces an effect that makes the caster indistinct and even painful to look at, so as to avert an attacker's gaze. As a result, the caster's armour class is improved by 3 pts. against either missiles or melee attacks.

Range self
Duration 3 rounds +1 per level
Area of Effect self
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (2nd)

The spell also offers a +1 save vs. magic, as the distortion may partially deflect these attacks.

When moving at night, the recipient is especially difficult to see, as watchers subconsciously move their gaze away from the blurring effect. This gives a +3 hex bonus with regards to stealth, increasing the recipient's likelihood of ambushing or surprising an enemy in the dark.

The spell has no effect upon sightless creatures that are able to attack by other means.