Concealment (sage study)

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Concealment is a sage study in the field of Theft, describing the art of not being seen, through actions and the application of camouflage and disguise. These are designed to enable the character to stalk opponents, or to wait within a short distance of an enemy without drawing attention. The study is applied primarily in self-defense and escaping notice. There is little inherent ability that allows the counter-observance of others, who might also possess this knowledge.

Much of the study is related to the sage ability, stealth, as concealment improves the effects of that ability or obviates the need for it. The study also teaches the character how to act in the open, so that they are mistaken for others that belong there, or how to avoid a search, or misdirecting searchers through distraction and the use of illumination (what was called in earlier versions of the game as "hiding in shadows"). These things accumulate and may be applied together, as part of the character's "bag of tricks."

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Burrowing: enables improved concealment through use of immediate conditions or terrain.
  • Camouflage: the ability to proficiently camouflage the body.
  • Freeze: character stops all movement as best as they are able, hoping their clothing or the amount of light will conceal them.

Authority Status

  • Disguise: empowers the character to conceal their appearance so that they will not be recognized.
  • Find Shadow: allows the character to locate and hide within the darkest places in any environment, day or night, even enabling the character to set up a light in order to improve this effect.
  • Feign Death: provides some effects of the feign death spell, without the protections but also with other compensations.

Expert Status

  • Evaporate: allows the character to apparently disappear into a crowd, even while under direct observation.

Sage Status

  • Indiscernible: enables the character to escape attention, and even fail to be remembered by those who might have been present.

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