Fog Cloud (spell)

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Fog Cloud creates a large circle of misty vapour that covers much more area than the wall of fog spell, though it occurs in a single mass. Like it's 1st level predecessor, it also limits visibility within the affected area, including infravision and ultravision. The fog may be created anywhere, over land or water, passing through the middle of buildings or along a corridor, as high or as deep as the caster wishes within their ability.

Fog Cloud
Range 60 ft. +10 per level
Duration 3-12 rounds +1 per level
Area of Effect 20 ft. wide dome, +5 ft. radius per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (2nd)

The fog is completely harmless, though creatures with an intelligence of less than 4 will "go to ground" in it. When the spell's duration comes to an end, the fog will require five complete rounds to evaporate, improving visibility by one hex each round, until the effect is completely gone and full visibility is restored.


Within the spell's fog, visibility equals one hex exactly; combatants can therefore fight hand-to-hand within it, at no penalty to hit or damage, but missile weapons are useless. Attack spells can be fired blind, while audial-based spells, like chant, audible glamer and magic mouth, are strengthened in that their sources are invisible.

In any hex adjacent to the fog cloud, visibility equals one hex when looking into the fog, In any hex adjacent to the wall of fog, visibility equals one hex when looking into the fog — or three hexes when looking along it. Visibility is completely normal when looking away from the wall.

Dispersing the Cloud

A wind-based spell requires three full rounds to disperse the fog cloud. This is due to the illusionary component of this spell, which differs from the wall of fog. Since a gust of wind spell lasts only 1 round, the fog cloud is immune to it.