Cleric 6th Level Spells

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The spells below are presented in a uniform format, comprising key details that outline each spell's limitations. These particulars include the spell's range, specifying the maximum distance it can affect; its duration, indicating how long the spell's effects persist; the area of effect, defining the dimensions of its influence post-casting; the casting time, which tells how quickly the spell can be prepared and unleashed, or "discharged"; any potential saving throws, which denote whether targets can resist the spell's effects and the consequences thereof; and a brief description summarizing the spell's magical attributes.

Believer indicates that the recipient must be of the same religion as the caster, or else the spell has no effect.

Should more comprehensive information about a particular spell be sought, it can be found by following the provided links. An asterisk (*) serves as a sign that a full explanation of the spell's intricacies necessitates more space than currently available.

Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Believer Description
aerial servant 10 ft. 1 day/level 1 servant 3 rounds none yes summons an aerial servant
animate object 30 ft. 2 rounds/level 1 cub.ft./level 2 rounds none no gives life to ordinary objects
blade barrier 20 ft. 3 rounds/level up to 360° arc* 2 rounds none no creates a circle of deadly blades
conjure animals 30 ft. 4 rounds/level 1 creature 3 rounds none no creates an animal from thin air
find the path touch 1 day 10 mile distance 3 rounds none* yes reveals the shortest path
forbiddance 30 ft. 1 day/level 20 ft. by 30 ft./level 3 rounds allows* no creates a forbidden area
heal touch permanent 1 creature 2 rounds none no heals all lost hit points
heroes' feast 10 ft. 4 hours 30 ft. by 60 ft. area* 3 rounds none no presents a huge feast
part water 20 ft./level 10 minutes/level 10 ft. wide path/level* 3 rounds none no creates a path through water
speak with monsters self 10 rounds/level 50 ft. circle 3 rounds none no communicates with monsters
stone tell touch 3 rounds/level 10 ft. diameter surface 3 rounds none no communicates with stone
word of recall self instantaneous self & 25 lbs./level 1 round none no transports cleric home

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