Heroes' Feast (spell)

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Heroes' Feast
Range 10 ft.
Duration 4 hours
Area of Effect 30 ft. by 60 ft. area
Casting Time 3 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (6th)

By means of the spell, the cleric is able to bring forth a tremendous feast which has the potential to feed up to 1,000 persons, fully as much as they would need even upon a day where they have fought in battle.

The food will be great haunches of meat turning over fires, loaves of bread in standing baskets, wooden bowls of apples and other fruits, tourines of stew and vegetables, cakes, pies, barrels of ale, mead and wine, pails of milk and flagons of water, blocks of cheese upon boards, etc. These will be arranged so that feasters can move between the assorted foods. The fires, spits, containers and so on will all vanish, along with the unconsumed food and drink, when the spell’s duration expires.

All persons who have partaken a full meal of the feast (3 lbs) will heal two hit points and will have a +2 save vs. magic, suggestion, charm person or any other spell which may affect the mind of the feaster. They will also have +2 added to their morale dice.

Feasters will not feel enervated and worn out following the meal, but sated and energetic.