Cleric 4th Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Believer Description
Abjure 5 ft./level 1 year 1 creature 2 rounds none no sends a creature to its own plane
Cloak of Fear self 3 rounds/level 5 ft. circle 2 rounds none* yes causes fear to those who attack
Cure Serious Wounds touch permanent 16 +4d8 hit points 2 rounds none no restores lost hit points
Detect Lie 30 ft. 1 round/level 1 creature 2 rounds none* no detects or conceals a lie
Divination self special special 2 rounds none yes receives answers from the gods
Exorcise 10 ft. permanent 1 creature or object special none no casts out possession
Giant Insect 60 ft. 2 rounds/level 2 hit dice/level 2 rounds none no enlarges ordinary insects
Imbue with Spell Ability touch special 1 creature 2 rounds none yes gives spell abilities to others
Lower Water 20 ft./level 10 rounds/level 8000 cub.ft./level 2 rounds none no causes water to sink away
Neutralise Poison touch permanent 1 creature 1 move none* no removes the effects of poison
Protection from Malevolence 15 ft. radius touch 6 rounds/level 15 ft. radius circle 2 rounds none yes protects against attacks
Speak with Plants self 10 rounds/level 30 ft. circle 2 rounds none yes communicates with plants
Spell Immunity touch 3 rounds/level 1 creature 2 rounds none yes makes immune to cleric spells
Spike Growth 60 ft. 30 +5 rounds/level 4 hexes/level 2 rounds none no changes vegetation into spikes
Sticks to Snakes 30 ft. 3 rounds/level 1 stick/level 2 rounds none* no transforms sticks into snakes
Tongues self 10 rounds 60 ft. circle 2 rounds none* yes allows communication in any language

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