Dust Devil (spell)

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Dust Devil
Range 30 ft.
Duration 1 round per level
Area of Effect special
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (2nd)

Conjures a minor air elemental which can move up to six hexes (30 ft.) per round at the cleric's behest. The dust devil appears as a whirlwind with a one hex wide circle and 15 ft. tall; it cannot lift itself off the ground.

The dust devil can only be attacked by magical weapons and spells, and has effectively 9 hit points. It attacks as a 9 hit dice creature; it is armour class 4. The devil, if it hits, causes 1-8 damage.

The creature attacks as many creatures as are found in the space of one hex, which will also be its destination hex that round. A dust devil automatically disrupts spell casting for any person whom it passes through or attacks (regardless of success to hit).

Gaseous creatures cannot pass through a dust devil, and will be disoriented for 1-3 rounds after a devil has attacked them (though the devil will do no damage). A dust devil will cause obscurement or stinking cloud to swirl, but will not disperse either. A gust of wind will dissipate a dust devil.

The cleric must only expend 1 AP to move the dust devil, regardless of the distance the dust devil is moved. No actual concentration is necessary and the dust devil will continue to whirl and attack in a space if not moved. Attacked creatures who are not stunned are -4 to attack when harried by a dust devil, and must expend 2 AP to move away from the dust devil.