Stinking Cloud (spell)

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Stinking cloud releases a billow of noxious gas that expands from the point where the spell is discharged. The cloud is greenish in colour and fairly thin, so that line-of-sight isn't sufficiently disrupted where attack dice are concerned.

Stinking Cloud
Range 30 ft.
Duration 1 round per level
Area of Effect 10 ft. high cloud, 40 ft. in
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw reduces; see text
Level mage (2nd)

Breathing creatures caught in the cloud, friend and foe alike, must make a saving throw vs. poison when coming into contact with the vapour. Failure will cause the creature to choke and be rendered unable to attack; each will suffer 1-4 points of damage from vomiting. armour class is reduced by 4 points, but they shouldn't be treated as helpless. Each creature failing their saving throw is thus incapacitated for 2-5 rounds.

Moving Away

Those who have made saving throw must spend their efforts to escape the cloud, seeking the shortest route that also causes them to move away from any enemies. If the cloud is still in place when those most affected recover, they too must move out. No creature can move faster than stride-1.

Very tall creatures whose heads rise more than two feet above the stinking vapour needn't make a saving throw and can move normally through the cloud.


The stink and sight of the cloud will cause creatures of less than 5 intelligence to move 120 ft. away from the effect at stride-2. More intelligent creatures may smell the effect and choose to investigate. A mage will instantly recognise the odour.