Dim (cantrip)

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Dim (cantrip).jpg
Range 10 ft.
Duration 10 rounds
Area of Effect 1 light
Casting Time 2 action points
Saving Throw none
Level cantrip

Reduces an existing light source to half its radiance for the cantrip's duration. This effect works against typical sources such as candles, torches and lanterns, and additionally against forms of radiance such as fire beetle glands, the emittance from adamantite and the effect of magic such as light, continual light, dancing lights, bluelight and so on.

Note, however, that this dimming affects only one light source, and and that it won't eliminate all light that's emitted, no matter how tiny the original source.

For stealth purposes, the cantrip grants a -2 modifier to the number of hexes a stealthy creature may approach before being noticed. Dim also modifies an attacker's missile fire by -1 to hit against those within the diminished light. Attacks of opportunity are likewise affected.

See Illusionary Cantrips