Bluelight (cantrip)

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Bluelight is a cantrip that conjures a blue sphere roughly the size of a fist. This sphere emits light in a circular area with a radius of 2 hexes, which is equivalent to 10 feet. The spell works underwater, though the illumination is diminished. The soft blue glow can appear eerie.

Range 10 ft.
Duration special
Area of Effect 10 ft. radius
Casting Time 2 action points
Saving Throw none
Level cantrip

The brightness of the blue light equals one-half candle; though it lights up only a small area, it can be seen from those in the subterranean dark anywhere within line-of-sight.

The caster has the ability to create the orb anywhere within the spell's range. Once conjured, the orb can be moved within that area , although moving it requires spending 1 action point. However, if the caster is continuously moving, the orb follows to remain in the spell's range, so it's unnecessary to spend a point in this case, unless having the orb before the caster is important.

Blue light continues to illuminate the area until the caster wishes the light away, or the effect is exposed to sunlight.

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