Violet Fungus

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Fungus, violet
Species fungus
No. Appearing 1–4
Behaviour colony
Range savanna, subterranean, woodland
Size 7 ft. tall
Weight 310 lbs.
Intelligence 0
Armour Class 7
Hit Dice 3
Action Points 1
Max. Stride {{{stride}}}
THAC0 19
Hp/Die 2d4
Attack Forms touch (2–4 attacks)
Damage 2–8
Special Attacks necrosis, fire resistance

Violet fungi are a species of non-intelligent, carnivorous fungal growth. The creature is able to move slowly, able to sense spaces that are well-travelled, where they will tend to gather singly, in pairs or in very small groups.

Though easy to avoid (their prey is more likely creatures of animal intelligence who attempt to pick their way past the fungi), the process of exterminating the creatures is difficult and dangerous. Outdoors, they can be avoided; but when they block a tunnel underground, they are often closed in rather than contended with. A violet fungus might live for a year without sustenance.


The body of violet fungus possesses four stiff tentacles that can snap reflexively at any creature that approaches up to a distance of ten feet (two hexes). The creature expends none of its own movement in this attack. As these tentacles are positioned equally around the body, each is able to attack only a 180° half circle — so that while the creature has up to four attacks, this relies on the creature being attacked by more than one creature to take advantage of the benefit.

In game terms, one creature approaching within the range of the creature will be attacked twice. Two creatures, attacking side by side can be attacked three times (maximum of two per defender). If two persons attack from opposite sides of the creature, each can be attacked twice. Finally, if three persons attack the fungus, distribute all four attacks among them — with each being attacked a minimum of once.

Hits will not cause ordinary damage, but necrotic damage. This is damage that cannot be healed with ordinary cure spells or with rest … and in turn begins to consume the body each day.

Violet fungus must be thoroughly destroyed with acid to be permanently rid of the creature. Otherwise, a new fungus will grow from less than an ounce of its original body in 4 to 5 months. The creature is fire resistant and will not burn unless cast into a enclosed oven or kiln — even small pieces thrown into a open bonfire will leave enough to sprout a new fungus. A level of expertise is necessary when removing or cutting up a fungus: gas from the fungus as it is cut apart will cause 1 point of necrotic damage to the victim's lungs.

Once a violet fungi has killed a victim, it will step over the body and begin to feed on the victim, desiccating its remains. Violet fungi hardly ever move during combat.

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