Cure Serious Wounds (spell)

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Cure Serious Wounds is a spell that is more potent than "cure light wounds," enabling the caster to restore 20 to 48 lost hit points of healing to the recipient (4d8+16), if he or she has suffered damage.

Cure Serious Wounds
Range touch
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 16 +4d8 hit points
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (4th); druid (4th)

The healing power created can be distributed to more than one recipient.

The spell has no effect upon creatures without corporeal bodies or that aren't "alive," such as undead. Creatures that can only be struck by magic are affected, but not if it requires a +2 or greater weapon to hit.

Naturally, magical resistance can protect an enemy against the spell, even if it's specifically intended to heal. Creatures that can be struck only by iron or silver are not affected.


The reverse of the spell, cause serious wounds, requires a successful touch against an unwilling victim. To succeed in touching an opponent, the caster must roll to hit, ignoring the enemy's armour and successfully achieving armour class 10 on the die — whereupon the amount described above is applied as damage. The spell cannot be "shared out" in this fashion against multiple opponents.

Using the spell in this fashion provides no protection against any powers the target has to influence enemies through physical contact.