Cure Light Wounds (spell)

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Cure Light Wounds.jpg
Cure Light Wounds
Range touch
Duration permanent
Area of Effect restores 5-8 hit points
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none; see below
Level cleric (1st); druid (2nd)

Heals 5-8 hits points of damage (4+1d4). The cleric must touch the creature to be healed, so those creatures without corporeal bodies cannot be affected. The total healing may be shared by more than one recipient.

The reverse of the spell, cause light wounds, requires that the cleric successfully touch an unwilling opponent. This requires the cleric to hit AC 10. Damage caused will be 5-8, but the damage may not be shared out. If the spell is cast this way, it will last until the opponent is touched (without the need of concentration), or until the cleric touches something other than the enemy, or until the cleric is stunned.

The spell will affect creatures which can be struck only with magical weapons, but will not affect those which can be struck only by iron or silver. The spell does not exempt the cleric from damage or other effects, if that would ordinarily occur through physical contact, such as with a black pudding or a gelatinous cube.