Urban Sense (sage study)

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Urban Sense is a sage study in the field of Streetwisdom, granting common sense to characters, so they're able to move safely through city and town environments. The skill enables them to avoid dangerous situations, paying attention to the actions of others and the sounds that can be heard, knowing what not to "see" as well as how to respond when confronted. Characters who have spent years on the street don't live in fear, even during the darkest nights, as they know what's going on and how not to be a threat to those doing it.

Skills revolve around the character being aware of his or her surroundings, while being self-assured, flexible and easy going.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Eyes Open: reduces the character's chance of being surprised to 1 in 6 when outside in urban environments, while adding 2 hexes to another's ability to approach stealthily. Characters like this know how to stand up to intimidation, while treating even the harshest criminals as "normal people," revealing the character isn't afraid of them.
  • Gumption: provides +1 to the character's wisdom vs. fear, when choosing to stand his or her ground, even against magic. Uses the phrase "back off" when invoking.
  • Hook: hardens the character's instincts and emotions, enabling them the will and ability to seduce others in order to practice prostitution for money.
  • Sense Bad Place: produces uneasiness in the character's gut when encountering a dangerous urban area, suggested by the look of the houses, street and people — that it would be a bad place to enter, or even loiter near.

Authority Status

  • Blend In: enables the character to look and sound like a member of the community, once he or she has spent a week there; enables the character to easily access the local black market, illegal substances, prostitution and other vices.
  • Trouble: avoids being the target of gangs, thieves and beggars, as the character's walk and posture predicts that preying on him or her is going to be more trouble than it's worth.

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