Streetwisdom (sage field)

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Streetwisdom is a sage field available to thieves, describing familiarity with the criminal element and how to best to handle themselves in rough quarters and among rough people. Characters with this knowledge are savvy and elusive, and often possess unexpected talents.

The field includes the following sage studies:

  • Coercion: the act of obtaining benefits through intimidation or extortion, used to force persons to act in accordance with the character's wishes.
  • Guile: the practice of encouraging innocents to trust the speaker, while allowing the character to appear ordinary in the presence of others.
  • Jack-of-all-Trades: the accumulation of low-level skills from non-thief classes, enabling the character to successfully act as a trader, official, religious figure or other professional.
  • Urban Sense: grants common sense in how to move through city and town environments, knowing how to respond so as to avoid dangerous situations, while always knowing how to find food and shelter without having to work for it.

The field includes innate knowledge and strategies for living that fall out of mainstream behavior. For example, streetwise characters understand how to get a bed for the night, and food to eat, without needing money. They understand how to diffuse aggressive situations and the manner in which different cultures interact positively or negatively with one another.

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