Theft (sage field)

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Theft is a sage field available to thieves, describing the bold acquisition of another's property, taking and keeping it without remorse or shame. The act of thievery is understood as the central motivation to the thief's class, but thieves take from those they choose.

Theft is defined as the act of wrongfully taking or appropriating someone else's belongings, possessions or property without their consent, or with the intent of permanently depriving them of that thing. The field presumes the practitioner's approach to ethics and morality is selfishly motivated, without concern for what other persons may lose through the use of this craft.

The field includes the following sage studies:

  • Concealment: the art of not being seen, poorly described as "hiding in shadows."
  • Pickpocketing: grants skill in stealing money or other valuables from a person's self, without notice of the theft having occurred.
  • Burglary: the art of planning, executing and resolving a burglary of a house or other property, to obtain objects of value within.
  • Lockpicking: the art of opening locks or circumventing security precautions of various designs.

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