Invisibility to Undead (spell)

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Invisibility to Undead is a spell that grants the caster the ability to render a single target completely invisible to undead creatures, including all items and gear carried or worn by the individual. With respect to undead, the enchantment operates similarly to the 2nd level illusionist or mage spell, invisibility.

Invisibility to Undead
Range touch
Duration 6 +1 round per level
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (1st)

The spell operates not as a play of light or a physical alteration but as an intricate illusion that conceals the recipient from the sight of undead entities and masks their presence. The invisible creature cannot be detected by their shadow or "footprints in sand," or by having dust or paint thrown at them, as these things would be likewise affected by the illusion.

Spells like detect invisibility or detect illusion unveil the invisible creature entirely, but solely to the spellcasting creature. Those who have detected the invisible creature can launch attacks as they normally would. A successful hit against the invisible recipient dispels the dweomer for everyone. Otherwise, so long as the invisible entity refrains from initiating any form of attack, the illusion persists.

Should the invisible recipient engage in any form of interactive or hostile behavior towards an undead creature, the spell's effect is dispelled; otherwise, the recipient may fight other beings without having any effect on the spell's effect. The recipient of this spell cannot turn undead while invisible — as the act of turning produces a visual, audial effect, which the undead could not see or hear while the invisibility effect is in place.

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