Cure Blindness (spell)

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Cure blindness is a spell that enables the caster to restore a creature's lost ability to see. The caster touches the affected creature bringing about a permanent result. This include afflictions that result from disease or poison, magical influences, or congenital conditions that have existed since birth.

Cure Blindness
Range touch
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none; see text
Level cleric (3rd)


The spell can counter the effects of the light spell if cast against a defender's eyes. Additionally, if the character were to suffer from a magical or psychological ailment resulting from hallucinations or distorted perception, the spell does restore clarity to the character's sight.

The spell cannot restore vision in cases where an eyeball has been lost or irreparably damaged.


The reverse of the spell, cause blindness, embodies a malevolent touch that seeks to plunge the victim into a state of blindness. This requires a successful touch against an unwilling recipient. To succeed in touching an opponent, the caster must roll to hit, ignoring the enemy's armour and achieving armour class 10 on the die.

If successful, the potential victim is touched and allowed a save vs. magic. If this succeeds, then the spell is void — but a failed save makes the victim permanently blind, at least until it's cured through the alternative spell's use.

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