Create Food & Water (spell)

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Create food & water is a spell that produces scullery-prepared fresh food, akin to a home-cooked dish prepared in a modest hearth. This meal offers a delightful and savoury flavour. The chance of causing any discomfort to the consumer is minimal, requiring only a meager roll of 4 or less on a 3d6 roll to induce slight grumpiness or fatigue. Furthermore, the water generated is pure and potable, mirroring the clarity of a spell like create water, devoid of any mineral traces.

Create Food & Water
Range 10 ft. per level
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 10 pounds per level; see text
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (3rd)


When cast, the spell generates an ample supply, sufficient for eight or more persons, whether they've recently engaged in a battle or are in need of nourishment while working or resting. Roughly a gallon of water can be conjured per level. It's essential for the caster to specify the desired quantities of water and food at the time of casting the spell.

The surety of food and water supply, coupled with the dweomer's nourishing effects and the quality of the food being much higher than is normally available to any group without an excellent cook and proper facilities, makes the spell highly beneficial, especially with large parties.


The reverse of the spell, destroy food & water, has the ability to make both food and water vanish from view, irrespective of their quality or purity. To add a dramatic touch, the caster can choose to make food visibly decay within a brief six-second span. Water can be made to gradually diminish over the same duration until it completely disappears.

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