Create Water (spell)

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Create water is a spell that allows the bringing forth of pure, fresh water upon command, wherever it's desired, within the spell's range. The caster must have a clear idea of the spot from which the water is to rush forth — it cannot be from a place that's unknown, and unseen, such as the other side of a strange door or wall. If, on the other hand, the caster is familiar with what's behind a given wall, then yes, the water can be created in that place.

Create Water
Range 10 ft.
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 1 cub.ft. per level (27 litres)
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (1st); druid (2nd)

Water that's created can effuse forth upon an open surface, streaming and pooling as water does. It can be made to fill multiple vessels at the same time, or just a single vessel. It cannot be made to spray, or spring up as though from a fountain. Once formed, the water is real, drinkable and life sustaining. Soiled or contaminated water cannot be created.

There are no special characteristics about the water that's created that can be equated with holy water. That which is created comes from the elemental plane of water.

Destroy Water

Destroy water is a reverse of the spell, allowing the removal of free standing water to its elemental plane. Water with impurities or particulates can be destroyed, but the mineral content within is left behind as a residue. The spell cannot be used to attack water within a creature's body, nor that which is absorbed by rock, clay or soil.

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