Combine (spell)

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Combine (spell).jpg
Range touch
Duration 40 rounds
Area of Effect special
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (1st)

Combines the power of several clerics, when they are of the same faith. The caster the spell is able to raise his or her effective casting effect by one level. A modifier of +1 is also applied when turning undead. Thus, a 7th level caster, with four supporting clerics (regardless of their level), would cast spells or turn undead as a cleric of the 11th level.

Though enabling the caster to possess more power, the spell does not enable additional spellcasting abilities that a higher level might possess.

A limit of one supportive cleric may be added per the level of the caster. Additional clerics may be touched at any time during the spell's duration. Supportive clerics must also concentrate as spells are cast — if any fails to do so, the spell is broken. Once a supportive cleric is touched and the joining made, they must remain within 8 hexes of the caster or else, again, the spell will be broken.

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