Bless (spell)

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Range touch; reverse, 30 ft.
Duration 1 hour
Area of Effect up to 12 creatures
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none; reverse negates
Level cleric (1st)

Strengthens warriors of the caster's religion, granting them +1 to hit with weapons, as well as granting a +1 bonus to morale, strengthening an ally's resolve.

Once the spell is cast and discharged, the caster is empowered to bestow the bless upon 1 to 12 creatures of the caster's religion — that is, persons who have been baptised or inaugurated into that religion. Each blessing requires one action point, which will mean that for more than a few persons, more than one round will be needed to fully discharge the spell. So long as the caster does not pick up any object or touch anything but desired persons, however, the power to bestow the bless will last up to ten rounds. Commonly, because of the spell's duration, the bless is made long before combat is entered into.

If a blessed creature acts against the caster's wishes, or in a manner inconsistent with the caster's religion, the spell's effect on that person will cease.


The reverse of the spell, Curse, may be cast only against heathens who do not practice the caster's religion. When used against an enemy, the range is six hexes, or 30 feet. Cursed creatures are entitled to a saving throw vs. magic. Those affected recieve a -1 penalty to hit and -1 to their morale. The curse spell lasts for 3 rounds per level.