Massmorph (spell)

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Massmorph alters the appearance of willing humanoids, making them appear as trees, shrubs or large rocks. These will be grouped according to where the affected creatures were at the moment of the spell's discharge. Creatures morphed must be within the spell's range.

Range 10 ft. per level
Duration special; see text
Area of Effect 10 creatures per level
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none; see below
Level illusionist (4th)

The size of each independent illusion will correspond to the size of the affected creature. Giants will appear as immense older trees; medium-sized creatures will appear as young trees about 10-15 feet in height; small creatures will appear as saplings, bushes. Illusions depicting a rock or bush will match the size of the creature morphed. Illusions will give no tell-tale sign of the creature morphed.

Morphed creatures will self-identify as normal, but will see others affected showing their illusionary appearance. Furthermore, movement is possible, so long as the morphed creatures feet do not move more than 18 inches from their original placement at the moment of discharge. Creatures are judged to be capable of remaining in place to a maximum of 15 minutes per point of constitution.

Passing among or even physically touching the morphed creatures will not dispel the illusion. Even if a rock or tree is struck, this will not reveal the illusion — however, this striking will still cause damage to the creature as always. If the creature is stunned and is therefore sent off balance, this will dispel the spell for that individual.