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Tao alexis (talk) Good with being paid on Friday?

Maxwell (talk) Paid on Friday the 23rd, for the week 15th-21st, yes? Works for me.

Tao alexis (talk) 24th. Do you prefer an e-transfer or paypal?

Maxwell (talk) An e-transfer is preferable, assuming both our bank accounts can accommodate it. I'll email you my banking details so you can see if Canada->USA works.

Tao alexis (talk) I should be able to pay you in USD directly.

Tao alexis (talk) I've just checked with my bank and I can't make an e-transfer outside of Canada. Is paypal possible for you?

Maxwell (talk) Sure that's fine! You should be able to find me on there using "" as my username; let me know if that's not the case.

Maxwell (talk) Do you know how to get the orange 'new messages' banner to go away? AFAIK 'messages' means notes made on this page, my User Talk page - but the banner won't disappear even though I've repeatedly visited.

Tao alexis (talk) I'm not receiving this notice. Take a screen shot and email it to me, I'll see if I can get an answer.

Maxwell (talk) Message received, and money transferring from Paypal to my bank! WRT tasks, I plan to move sage material off the old wiki before I reformat the sage and spell materials that are here on the new one.

Maxwell (talk) Sorry for the low hours this week! Ended up being sick ~3 days (also, broke up with GF.) I do want to keep working on the wiki, so please don't take the dip as a sign of waning interest. Sage studies coming along well, I think.

Tao alexis (talk) It happens. No problem. I've been hung up myself all week. So far as I know, your supreme court hasn't made it illegal to call in sick, yet. Next year, probably.

Maxwell (talk) I believe all the studies from the old wiki now have pages here. FYI, I will be out of town tonight and tomorrow for the 4th of July. When I return, next phase is to clean up sage study pages according to the new format, including field and ability links, and then start moving sage abilities.

Maxwell (talk) 04:26, 17 July 2022 (UTC) The good news is the journal I'm submitting to extended their deadline. I would have liked to have found out before freaking Thursday, the day before the original deadline ... but at least the frenzied rush this week meant I got lots done. Shouldn't be a problem juggling the home stretch of that with my work here (and my summer class.)

The bad news is my roommate got COVID and now I've got it. Steadily getting worse, currently feel as if I have a nasty flu.

When I was doing spells I was averaging 10 mins per fully-done page, including templating text, adding links, reformatting lists, etc. Sage abilities will probably be the same, if you're trying to figure the remaining time & cost for those.

I'm sorry. I hope I'm not letting you down. This is becoming a hell of a summer. I'll return to work once I'm healthy!

Maxwell (talk) 21:23, 17 July 2022 (UTC) Yesterday felt awful, but today, after a bit of decongestion and pain medicine I actually feel almost normal. Gonna get some work done in case that changes. Onward!

Tao alexis (talk) I've cleaned up all the sage abilities to date. There are 13 left to be transferred over. They have been changed from the tag "sage abilities" to "sage ability"; this change is just for convenience ... the tags on the new wiki are to be left unchanged.

Tao alexis (talk) I'm sorry, I've been so busy, I didn't read the above. Only saw just now that you got covid. I'm sorry for my apparent indifference ... I've just been sketching through stuff and haven't had time to relax. I can see from your work that you're plainly better now. I'm glad to hear it.