Buffeting (attack)

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Buffeting describes a winged creatures ability to beat it's wings so hard that it creates a strong gusting wind that's able to cause damage and stun opponents. All creatures in the path of the buffet must fall back one hex; creatures smaller than 80 lbs. must fall back two. This could blow creatures off ledges or into the path of something worse. Buffeting will extinguish torches and open lanterns. It forces flying things to land. Clouds, fog and precipitation caused by spells will be torn asunder, as will dust devils. A dust elemental can endure.

When faced with buffeting, creatures can make a save vs. magic — a successful roll indicates the character has been able to lay flat, take hold of something or just by chance is located in the shadow between conflicting gusts of wind. Others suffer 1 h.p. of damage per hit die of the buffeting creature, having been blown off their feet or being struck with light items, dust or slashing spray if water is present.

Creatures able to Buffet

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