Alarm (spell)

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Alarm (spell).jpg
Range 10 ft.
Duration until dispelled or tripped
Area of Effect one 20 ft. diameter square per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level bard (1st); mage (1st)

Traps a space, so that a person entering the area of effect will trip a magical alarm that can be heard as far as 180 ft., or 36 hexes. The sound will be loud and unmistakable up to 12 hexes, distinct at 13-24 hexes and faint at 25-36 hexes.

The alarm will detect the movement of things as small as three pounds, if so desired by the caster; however, the caster can set the minimum to whatever number seems best. Non-material beings (such as demons, devils, incorporeal undead, ethereal creatures and the like) cannot be detected. As well, the alarm will tend to attract certain creatures, such as shriekers.

The pitch of the sound made is optional; but words or music is not. Items may be triggered with the spell rather than areas, so that a person moving through a room would not set off the alarm unless they opened a specific door or touched a specific object.

See Trip (spell)