Way of the Dragon (sage study)

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Way of the Dragon.jpg

Describes a spiritual bond with the mystical prime material, an intrisic magical presence that underlies and gives order to the fabric of the universe. This force, known to monks as the dragon, is comparable with wild magic. In one sense, the dragon is everything; seen another way, it is the cause and purpose that rests behind all things that can be touched or experienced. Metaphorically, the dragon exists as the soul of the world apart from the body; existence extends beyond the material universe and the power that is contained within that higher existence lends potential to what a monk can do or what powers a monk can perform.

Comprehension of the study enables the monk to draw forth this magical power as a natural ability rather than as a spell. With experience and time, the gathering of these abilities allows the monk to perform unusual and what would be considered impossible feats, defying the laws of the natural order. From the monk's perspective, this merely indicates the failure of most persons to recognize the true order beneath that which is apparent.

The abilities below are those acquired by a devotee of the study.


  • Other Self: expands the character's mental capacity to gather knowledge while the character is otherwise engaged.


  • Lightened Body: allows the character to minimally defy gravity while moving.
  • Protective Aura: provides protection against magical and area damage for the character and potentially others.


  • Rise: extends the power of the character to defy gravity, enabling feats mirroring levitation.
  • Wither Flesh: enables the character to cause necrotic damage through the open palm attack.


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