Interposing Aura (sage ability)

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Interposing Aura is an amateur-status sage ability in the study of the Way of the Dragon that allows its practitioners to erect a mystical barrier between them and their foes, negating any offensive actions across two sides of a combat hex. While the barrier remains unseen, it has the power to befuddle adversaries. They find themselves irresistibly drawn to maneuver around the aura before launching an attack, believing it to be a logical course of action.

Interposing aura.png

The image gives an example of the interposition, with the aura barrier shielding the character. Hex sides are not required to be contiguous, allowing for strategic versatility. The defense remains in place as long as the combatant holds his or her position. Missile weapon attacks and magic use is not prevented. If the character is stunned and knocked out of the hex, this is sufficient to break the aura's power.

The aura can be created again if the character remains in one place for five full rounds. Note that if he or she were to stand fast in a narrow corridor, or upon a narrow bridge, they could sap an enemy's will to engage the character in melee. Witnesses would fear doing so — but rationally, missile attacks would be made to force the defending character to give ground.

All creatures with an intelligence greater than zero are affected. The aura cannot protect attacks made from above. Another character with the sage ability is unaffected by the aura.

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