Unarmed Combat (sage study)

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Improves a character's ability to fight without weapons, increasing opportunities to hit and cause damage when pummelling, grappling and overbearing. With greater proficiency, the character can gain skills at boxing, savate (foot fighting) or the monk's open hand, enabling them to become dangerous adversaries (though not quite equal to a monk of the same level) once their knowledge increases into the expert and sage levels.


  • Boxing: improves the effectiveness of pummelling when striking with a closed fist. (+2 damage to pummelling)
  • Clinch Fighting: a grappling technique used to eliminate an opponent's effective use of kicks, punches and melee weapons.


  • Bear Hug: a grappling hold that enables the character to better hold an opponent and cause crushing damage.
  • Takedown: enables the character to drop an enemy opponent to the ground.

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