Magic Stone (spell)

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Magic Stone.jpg
Magic Stone
Range 20 ft.
Duration 10 rounds per level; see text
Area of Effect 1 stone per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (1st)

Causes an ordinary stone to become a magical projectile when thrown at an opponent. Once the spell has been cast and the stone has been invested with magic, it may be thrown by any person who is also of the caster's religion. The magicked stone must be held and not put down, or dropped, or the magic dissipates. If it is hurled at an enemy, the thrower must hit AC 10, regardless of the armour the target is wearing or their natural armour class. A hit causes 3 hit points of damage.

The range adjustments of the stone are as follows: 1-3 hexes (+/-0); 4-5 hexes (-2 to hit); 6-7 hexes (-5 to hit). Stones thrown past 7 hexes lose their magic and cause no damage (therefore, it cannot be used with a sling, which would in any case involve letting go of the stone). As well, a stone that is fumbled and dropped also loses its magic.

tawkra ball

It is possible to insert up to four stones into a tawkra ball, a wicker ball that will sustain the magic. Only one tawkra may be used per casting of the spell. If the tawkra is used in this way, the combined damage of all contained stones will affect the target in a single hit.

The spell has no effect on stones that are already magical.