Haze (cantrip)

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Haze transforms the air so that it becomes visibly hazy, so that objects and persons are more difficult to see. The area of effect cannot be moved once the cantrip is emplaced. Because the haze is illusionary, it cannot be dispersed by wind or effects like precipitation.

Range 20 ft.
Duration 3 rounds
Area of Effect 15 ft. radius, 7 ft. high
Casting Time 2 action points
Saving Throw none
Level cantrip

Attacks from outside suffer a penalty of -1 to hit when made against creatures inside the haze. This applies to missiles fired through the haze. Those inside the haze attack at -2.

If used in conjuction with fog cloud or wall of fog, the effects are compounded, so that both spells contribute to effects on weapons and vision.

See Illusionary Cantrips