Fraud (sage field)

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Fraud is a sage field available to thieves, containing the intent to illegally and cleverly deceive others into foregoing their wealth. Characters use these abilities to advance themselves into positions of privilege and wealth, often co-opting the positions of other persons — who experience financial loss at the fraudster's instigation. Framing others for the fraudster's actions is also a common tactic.

The field includes the following sage studies:

  • Chicanery: deception through the use of trickery, begging or deception, with an intent to gain a political, financial or corrupt purpose.
  • Double-dealing: the art of swindling by first gaining the confidence of others, then using it to part others from their wealth.
  • Forgery: techniques in creating false documentation, which is used to encourage others to believe in the character's status and legitimacy.

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