Flying Mounts (sage study)

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Flying mounts is a sage study in the field of Animal Training, which allows the character to act as a rider, trainer and keeper of hippogriffs, griffons, garuda and pegasi. It must be noted that because the skill in riding a flying mount is considerably more difficult than riding an animal upon the land, skill in actually sitting in the saddle of such a mount is limited to those with knowledge necessary to make them an authority (30 points). This serves to limit the number of mounted combatants in the air in the overall campaign and assures that low-level characters cannot simply exploit these mounts from the outset. This is deliberate.

Early skills, therefore, are in raising and training such animals, with the species of animals that can be raised limited at amateur status and improved and increased later. Once the necessary skills are gained, however, the character will be free to employ these mounts at the most practical level of ability.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Authority Status

  • Bird Handling I: enables the character to ride and direct birds large enough to be mounted.

Expert Status

  • Bird Handling II: provides the character with greater control in managing the bird mounts movements and turns.

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