Falconry (sage study)

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Falconry is a sage study in the field of Animal Training, which describes the gallant union between the character and bird, pursued for sport, for war — and for the companionship that results. In essence, the falcon (hawk, eagle or owl) exists in a state of semi-captivity, a wildness that is tempered by training. They are, naturally, commanded; but as the bird retains its capacity to act alone, and with ferociousness in attacking its prey, it is not correct to think of the animal as "tame."

Additionally, the falcon serves as a status symbol, for the mastery of these birds is viewed as a sign of quality lineage and personal worth. The sage abilities below reflect this, as well as the practical application of both lesser and greater birds as friends, servants and as a source of passion and love.

There are many types of bird that can be affected by the study; but until more research is accomplished, enabling a comprehensive deconstruction of the practice, it is presumed the character is in possession of a falcon or hawk and that these are, for game purposes, interchangeable; when possible, a distinctive clarification of how each type of bird will operate will be incorporated into these rules.

If a character enters into the campaign with an amateur knowledge in this study, it is presumed that a trained and familiar bird is already in the character's possession, and that the two have developed a companionship of at least one year.

The abilities below describe the possible actions within the study.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Bird Companionship: gain personal satisfaction and increased experienced bonuses from the presence and use of falcons.
  • Rouse to Hunt: send the falcon to hunt for game food.
  • Train Falcon: allows the falconer to educate a young bird so that it will perform as desired.
  • Waken Regard: gain opportunities to meet and conspire with persons of local authority.

Authority Status

  • Bird Strike: gives the falcon bonuses when striking at an enemy.
  • Find & Catch Birds: locate the birthplaces of wild birds, for training and breeding.
  • Rouse Admiration: capture the attention and impress persons with great power and status, gaining opportunities.
  • Send Home: send the falcon with a message to a location and person the bird has been trained to recognize.

Expert Status

  • Bird Whispering: gain the natural ability to speak with birds of all kinds.
  • Breed Falcon: raise and manipulate falcons and other birds with skill in producing superior offspring.
  • Counsel Bird Loyalty: gain the friendship of unnatural birds, such as the giant eagle, griffon, hippogriff and so on.

Sage Status

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