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Divination is a sage study in the fields of Power and Reverence, describing a venerable discipline encompassing the realms of Power and Reverence, focusing on the exploration of diverse methods for acquiring knowledge about the future. This pursuit is especially significant within the domain of religious practices, where priests and spiritual leaders employ various techniques to gain insights.

While employing ordinary forms of divination such as tarot cards, numerology, dream interpretation or casting lots, the list of sage abilites is more concerned with what's learned rather than the means of learning it. Thus the abilities presume the character has undergone efforts like a vision quest, studying entrails, consulting the I Ching and so on, before the results of their divination is available. The individual sage abilities describe what's required to achieve the insights the character desires.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Ritual Slaughter: knowledge of the correct practice in slaughtering creatures for sacrifice and divination.

Authority Status

  • Auspicy: by closely observing the behaviour and calls of birds in the area, the character's able to gather details regarding the surrounding half mile in the same manner as the spell commune with nature.
  • Divine Guidance: the character is able to obtain guidance from their deity in times of uncertainty or need. This guidance answers the following queries: what action is needed to find safety, what is it the deity desires of the character, what is the best path towards increasing the character's nominal power, or the character's nominal wealth.
  • Palmistry: enables the character to gain insight from a given palm to determine characteristics about the individual, including their ability stats, experience level and character class or profession; upon a successful wisdom check, the character is able to determine whether the next three months are going to bring good luck or bad.
  • Predict Meteor Events: Grants the ability to predict strength and influence of meteor showers, affecting druidical magic use.

Expert Status

  • Arcane Sense: Foresee the means by which any spell may be invented, or any magical item be created, regardless of how much power it inherently contains.
  • Hydroscrying: using water as a mirror, the character is able to view visual scenes of places and the paths to reach them, following up questions asked in seeking divine guidance.
  • Crystallomancy: by dangling a crystal over the body of an individual, the malady by which the individual is suffering can be ascertained; additionally, the same crystal can reveal three details about any item that's been crafted, magical or otherwise.

Sage Status

  • Offer Wisdom: character's inner sight enables him or her to invest any other living creature with wisdom or intelligence at the temporary loss of the character's own ability stat (though this is restored within a time), thus giving that creature greater self-awareness; can be offered to non-intelligent creatures also.

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