Zephyr (spell)

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Zephyr is a spell that creates a gentle breeze that emanates outward from the spellcaster in virtually every direction, although the caster has the ability to restrict the wind's span to a 60° angle on the compass.

Range self
Duration 1 round per level
Area of Effect moves outward at 10 ft.
per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level mage (2nd)

This breeze possesses a mild force, less powerful than a gust of wind, akin to wind conditions of Force 3 or 4, moving outwards in the chosen direction, outwards and expanding in an arc between the ground and 45° upwards, maintaining the same speed.


As it advances, the zephyr can extinguish torches and lanterns, regardless of how well protected they may be, for the magical can infiltrate even the tiniest crevices. This is sufficient to raise "white horses" upon water surfaces, raise dust and loose paper or move small branches upon trees. Lighter objects such as leaves, dust, seeds, and similar particles can be effortlessly swept from surfaces, while wind chimes and flags respond to its presence by swaying gently.

The spell also has the capacity to disperse swarms of insects, including those summoned by spells like insect plague, summon insects or creeping doom. Additionally, it can disrupt or impede the progression of various natural or magical phenomena such as flames, gasses, rain, haze, fog and like effects such as cloudkill, whether natural or magical in nature. The effectiveness of the spell in countering these elements depends on the size of the affected area and the caster's level.

For example, a caster would struggle to disperse a vast natural fog that blankets an entire valley, but a sufficiently skilled and higher-level caster could completely dissipate a finite, magical fog cloud localized in one place. The same principle applies to precipitation spells, which a caster of the appropriate level could evaporate. When confronted with a blazing fire, the zephyr's influence extinguishes the flames rather than intensifying them.

Flying Creatures

When directed against flying creatures, the zephyr imposes a -2 penalty on their chance to hit in combat, albeit it does not significantly impede their other offensive capabilities.

Other Benefits

The zephyr can lower temperatures temporarily in conditions hotter than pleasant, bringing momentary relief to those suffering from heat stroke or fever. This calming and soothing effect may receive gratitude from those oppressed by daily heat, as clearing the warm air from a house can make it more comfortable for up to several hours.