Whispering Wind (spell)

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Whispering wind is a spell that enables the transmission of a message across a significant distance, audible only to specific intended recipients. The message appears to travel on the wind, allowing multiple individuals to hear it simultaneously. However, the length of each message is restricted to twelve words for each round of the spell's duration.

Whispering Wind
Range self
Duration 5 rounds, +1 per level
Area of Effect 1 mile per level; up to
10 listeners per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (2nd)

Once the message is sent, it takes an hour to traverse a distance of four miles. The message maintains this constant speed, moving in any direction, unaffected by prevailing winds or geographical obstacles, until it reaches its intended recipients. Once the spell is discharged, the caster cannot dispel the wind or the message; it continues until it reaches its destination.

The caster must have a personal connection with those designated as listeners, be they friends, acquaintances or adversaries. The message itself proves it's veracity, as part of the magic.

Uses include scouting and surveillance and communication in times of dire need. The spell can facilitate secret and discreet communication among allies, enabling them to share plans, strategies, or warnings without the risk of interception or eavesdropping. In a vast world, whispering wind can deliver messages across phenomenal distances.