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Web conjures a hanging curtain or tumbled sheet of thick spider-like webbing, which may be doubled-over or piled as the caster wishes. Thus the spell can be used as a barrier, a hazard laying across the ground or as stuffing inside a comparable space. In size, the webbing is 40 ft. by 15 ft. with a depth of 5 ft. This size doesn't change as the caster gains levels.

Range 5 ft. per level
Duration 20 rounds per level
Area of Effect 40 ft. wide, 15 ft. high
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level mage (2nd)

For the webbing to form a vertical obstacle, it must be attached to vertical points, between which it can hang. The web cannot hang in the air of its own accord. As a material, the web is extremely sticky but far too weak to be climbed upon. Attempts to do so only immerses a character in piles of webbing, as it's pulled towards the character and attaches itself.

The webbing retreats from red-hot objects and will melt if touched with a torch, but the web cannot be set aflame in order to cause damage. A wall of fire or a fireball clears the webs away instantly, reduced to places where the fire fails to make contact. A torch will also clear away the web one combat hex at a time. When the web spell's duration runs out, the webbing evaporates, leaving no trace at all.

The spell affects all persons equally, including the caster, who cannot move freely through the web.

Effects of the Web

Those who are caught in the web when it's cast, or attempt to move through it, suffer a -2 action point (AP) penalty to any effort, as creatures struggle with moving freely in the spell's effects. This penalty remains for 10 rounds even after creatures are able to extricate themselves from the webbing.

movement is likewise impaired; with the penalty, moving one combat hex requires 3 AP. A stride greater than 1 is impossible. All persons affected also suffer a -3 penalty to hit with melee weapons; throwing or loading missile weapons can't be done.