Stone Shape (spell)

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Stone Shape alters an existing volume of stone in order to reshape it. Possibilities include the making of a tool or other object, such as a stone weapon, a container or a sculpture (limited in skill by the caster's knowledge); molding a tongue that would block a door from opening; scooping out holes or creating ridges and spikes for others to trip over - along with endless possibilities.

Stone Shape
Range touch; see text
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 3 cubic feet +1 cubic foot per level
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level bard (3rd); druid (3rd)

Note that the stone shape spell cannot 'remove' or compress stone - whatever is removed from the stone surface remains, in some form after the reshaping is done. The spell will allow a caster to reshape a doorway or wall, so as to enter or escape.

The spell cannot create delicate or lightweight features meant to support the heavy weight of the shape, such as door hinges or slender forms, as the stone will break once pressure is put on it.

The depth of stone that can be affected is within 1 foot per level of the caster from the point of stone that has been touched. Thus, a bridge could be created by the caster, but only to reach across a gap no further outwards than the caster has levels.