Shocking Grasp (spell)

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Shocking grasp creates a powerful, magical electric charge that the caster stores in his or her body. The charge need not be concentrated upon; but if the caster lays hands upon something other than a target, then the magic will dissipate into the object harmlessly.

Shocking Grasp
Range self
Duration until discharged; see text
Area of Effect touched creature or object
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level mage (1st)

Otherwise, the spell is able to deliver a damage-dealing shock against any creature that's physically touched. To accomplish this during combat, the caster must attempt to hit. The enemy's armour is ignored; the caster needs to hit armour class 10 to succeed — whereupon 1d8 +1 hit point per level of the caster is caused in damage. For example, if Michael the 5th level mage successfully makes a hit, the damage would be 6-13 (1d8+5).

The grasp can be attempted several times, but once it does damage, the dweomer is dispelled.

The spell can be employed against an object which, if touched, must make a saving throw against electrical attacks. A roll to hit must be made if the object is in the possession of another; otherwise, a roll isn't necessary.