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Motivation is a sage study in the field of Leadership, providing skill in motivating soldiers and other persons by commanding respect while providing subordinates with feelings of courage and invincibility. In addition, the character gains skill at speech-making, improving morale and building a sense of duty in others. These factors then contribute to matters such as building an army and consolidating both peoples and nations as unified forces.

Characters begin with simple communication skills and move forward into matters of logistics, cultural unity and the manipulation of religious zeal in order to accomplish magnificent goals such as conquest and history-making. With advancement, characters have the potential to become famous, beloved and nearly worshipped for the example they set and the world-shaking power they command.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Improve Morale: sets standard morale for hireling and associate non-player characters at 8, while those standing within 30 ft. of the character are improved to 7.
  • Inspire Loyalty: ensures that a cadre of subordinates, up to 30 persons, will never quit the employ of the character, who would die before betraying the character.

Authority Status

  • Inspire Sacrifice: within certain parameters and from time to time, the character is able to encourage up to 2-5 non-player characters to give their lives to achieve a goal.
  • Raise Company: empowers the character to choose good leaders and effectively raise a body of 100 soldiers who are capable of acting as a unit towards achieving goals.
  • Rousing Speech: prior to a significant conflict, the character is able to raise the fighting prowess of his or her subordinates for a time.

Expert Status

  • Command: supported by company commanders, the character is able to effectively lead a thousand or more persons into battle, inspiring them to embrace those tactics which the character orders.
  • Influence Ecclesiastics: through discourse and summits, the character is able to meet with and reach compromises with religious leaders as a means to find support for military goals and manoeuvres.
  • Recognition at Court: once the character has achieved some enterprise, he or she may visit court and be received by ministers and counsellors, as well as audience with the monarch.

Sage Status

  • Marshal: the character is able to lead a national army, even a combined army of several nationalities, determining a grand strategy for military actions.
  • Regency: a potential exists for the character to be approached and asked to be regent over a provincial or national entity, until the rightful heir comes of age.

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