Metalwork (sage field)

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Metalwork is a sage field available to bards, describing working with metals to create individual objects, assemblies or large-scale structures. The field is perhaps the least aesthetic and most practical of all bard skills, but each study retains artistic elements within it’s scope.

The field includes the following sage studies:

  • Delicate Metalwork (sage study): providing skill at making and repairing jewellery, engraving, stonesetting, precision tools and other metal forms requiring a fine and meticulous mastery.
  • Metal Armour (sage study): the mastery at making personal metal armour from puddled metals for humanoids and animals, using a forge, hammer and anvil. Includes slight skills in woodworking in the making of helmets and shields.
  • Metalsmithing (sage study): the process of smelting and working metal through the manipulation of heat and blacksmithing, making common everyday objects and tools in various metals.
  • Weaponwright (sage study): the mastery of creating weapons from puddled metals, making knives, swords, axes and other blades using a forge, hammer and anvil, with slight skills in woodworking for knife and sword handles and leatherworking for sheaths.

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