Healing Salve (remedy)

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Healing salve is a semi-magical healing substance which will restore 1-4 hit points of damage sustained and close wounds. It appears as a soft-liquidy powder that's mint-green in colour, has no taste and weighs approximately 2 oz. It may be either consumed or applied directly to the body, which is best where the skin is broken. The effect is instantaneous upon application, restoring lost hit points and stopping bleeding.

It requires 3 action points (AP) to administer a salve to a conscious, willing patient. If the skin is not broken (there is no wound), or the patient is unconscious, the time needed to introduce part of the salve into the mouth and rub the rest into the skin of the patient's throat or upper chest will be 6 AP, which can be accomplished over multiple rounds.

Healing salves can be made by characters who possess the sage ability make salve, related to the studies of alchemy and medicine.

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