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Hand is a sage study in the field of the Way of the Stick, using the open hand to confront both weapon and bodily attacks by humanoids and monsters. The direction and position of the hand is used to control enemy strikes, turning them aside or weakening their force, but more importantly applying enormous force in attaking through direction all the body's energy into the character's attacking hand. The abilities below enhance the character's existing open hand attacks as listed according to the character's level.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Disarm: disarms enemies of their weapons with a skillful and precise technique: instead of attempting to overpower the weapon, it's energg is redirected. The character then swiftly steps inside the adversary's guard, applies pressure to the adversary's wrist and forcing them to release their grip on the weapon. Requires the normal roll to hit, causes no damage.
  • Headbutt: an unconventional and specialised technique; the character, with a deep breath launches forward with a sudden and explosive burst of energy, striking the opponent's chest and causing twice the damage of a normal open hand. Requires a roll to hit; also causes 1d6 damage to the character employing this technique.
  • Pin: pins an opponent to the ground using a combination of precise movements, leverage and control. The character moves into the opponent's hex intending to grapple, begun by firmly grasping the opponent's wrist. With remarkable speed and control, the opponent's arm is twisted behind the back, as he or she is put off balance; continuing the motion, the character uses leverage to guide the opponent to the ground, while maintaining control over the pinned arm. Requires roll to hit, causes open hand damage.

Authority Status

  • Seize Weapon: a skill requiring precise timing and control. As the enemy's weapon arcs towards its target, the character sidesteps and closes the distance. With an iron grip, the character guides the weapon from the adversary's grip, seizes the weapon and steps back, all as one fluid motion. Requires roll with -3 to hit modifier, causes no damage.
  • Throw: Using leverage and precise technique, gaining a position on the enemy that allowes gaining a grip on the enemy's arm, just above the elbow. Catching the enemy off balance, the character guides the other's momentum in a desired direction, sending him or her sprawling to the ground. Requires roll to hit; causes half normal open hand damage; stun locks the opponent as he or she returns to a fighting position. Cannot throw opponents into friendly hexes.

Expert Status

Sage Status

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