Flame Walk (spell)

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Flame walk enables the recipient to move safely through fiery areas without suffering damage, provided the fire is natural and not magical. Characters under the spell's influence will be able to breathe and will be free of any smoke inhalation, provided the escape the area of flames before the duration ends.

Flame Walk
Range touch
Duration 10 rounds + 2 rounds
per level
Area of Effect 1 creature/level
above 5th
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (3rd)

Some protection against magical fire is also given: recipients will experience no damage at all from ambient heat, such as that produced by Wall of Fire. When attacked by magical fire-based spells involving a saving throw, the recipients receive a +4 bonus to their rolls. Finally, all hit points damage caused by magical fire is halved.

Some protection against the elements heated by flames is provided. Hot rocks, embers, coals and burning materials can be walked over safely, provided the character moves continuously at a minimum stride-1 pace. However, liquids, such as boiling water or molten rock, are not protected against.

See Fire Resistance (spell)