Endure Cold & Heat (spell)

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Endure Elements.jpg
Endure Cold & Heat
Range touch
Duration 1 hour per level
Area of Effect 1 creature per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (1st)

The spell provides complete ambient comfort for the recipient regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Whatever the temperature, whether frigid polar arctic or a scorching, baking desert landscape, the recipient will be utterly comfortable as though the weather were no worse than the upper side of pleasant — or, indeed, the conditions most favourable to the individual.

The recipient will be immune to effects caused by either a hot or cold wind, freezing water, the beating of the sun or the prevalent humidity. In all cases, these will feel to the recipient as though he or she were moving through a comfortable house. However, in the case of a very strong wind such as a gale, storm or hurricane, while the recipient will feel comfortable, this will not preserve the character from being blown from a high place, nor make it easier to move against the wind. The recipient will be aware of the wind's actual strength, and will know to be cautious in the face of it.

The spell does not provide defense against magical or natural cold attacks, such as fire or cold-based spells, breath weapon or natural fire, lightning and so on. However, damage that accrues from ambient heat or cold, such as a wall of fire or the cold that emanates from an ice toad, will be reduced by 1 hit point per die or whole amount by the spell.

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