Death's Door (spell)

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Death's door brings back the life of a levelled creature that's been killed, whose hit points (h.p.) after death are greater than -20.

Death's Door
Range touch
Duration permanent; see text
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (3rd)

For example, Cristos has 8 h.p. when he's hit by a chimera for 22 damage. He's dead, but because his corpse has -14 h.p., death's door can yet return him to life.

Once restored, recipients must make a system shock survival roll, but not a resurrection roll. Their hit points increase to zero, and they're conscious ... but a full five rounds must pass before the character can take any actions whatsoever. During this time, the character is prone.

Circumstances of Death

If the recipient sustained any wounds prior to or on account of the killing blow, these wounds are closed and can do no further harm to the character. Any injuries that might have been sustained in the character's death are still present — so these must be healed before further h.p. can be restored.

If the death occurred from disease, system shock failure or other wholistic effect, the spell can be of no assistance. Furthermore, the killed individual must have suffered death less than 1 hour perl level of the caster.

See Raise Dead (spell)